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There are 61 Exporters Associations functioning under 13 General Secretariats in Turkey. The members of the Associations are exporters. Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) is the umbrella organization of the Exporters Association General Secretariats and all exporters in Turkey.

West Mediterrenean Exporters Association General Secretariat (BAIB) was founded in 1968 and it has become a ‘Regional Association' as of 2011.


Our Association is responsible for cities of ANTALYA, ISPARTA and BURDUR.Exporting companies which are registered and functioning in any of these cities are obliged to be member of West Mediterranean Exporters' Association.

Address: Aspendos Bulvarı No:163 Muratpaşa - Antalya / TURKEY


Phone: +90 242 505 1 010 (ISDN)

Fax:+90 242 505 1 010

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