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Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association (IMIB) is a professional non-profit association which deals with all export activities in minerals sector. Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association was founded in 1976 and has 5.606 members as of 2022. Among the principle areas of business of IMIB are natural stones, borates and concentrates, chromium ore, copper ore, magnesite, ferrochromium, zinc ore and feldspar products.


The homeland of natural stone, Türkiye has been a source of inspiration in architecture in stone for more than 12.000 years. Today, Türkiye is home to the world’s largest natural stone reserves with a wide variety of Turkish Stones offered in more than 150 stone types and more than 650 colors and patterns. Türkiye offers this abundance of natural stone to designers, architects and buyers with patterns and colors of high quality marbles such as Anadolu Beige, Anadolu White, Anadolu Black and Anadolu Travertines, alongside its unique and signature marbles like Elazığ Cherry, Milas Lilac & Marmara Marble. As the leading global source for natural stone, Türkiye exports a host of Turkish Stones to global architecture projects. In addition to marble and travertine, Türkiye exports basalt, dolomite, limestone and granite either as blocks or as processed stone products such as tiles and mosaics.


More than 1.500 marble quarries, 200 factories and about 9.000 workshops operate in the sector.

As being the number one marble and travertine exporter with 2 billion dollars exportation, Türkiye exports various stone types either as blocks or as processed stone. Turkish Stones exporters are known for their high level of service and know-how. Applying technology, Turkish Stone producers can create natural stones, in any shape and forms that can be imagined and designed. Turkish natural stones can be transformed from monolith organic forms to the thinnest sheet to decorate interiors from home to automobile.

The production natural Stones in Türkiye has grown rapidly in the last decade. Large scale private companies invested in integrated processing plants, which resulted in developments in the local market. With the introduction of modern production equipment and methods, Türkiye has become one of the world’s prominent natural stone producers.

For further information, please contact ISTANBUL MINERAL EXPORTERS’ ASSOCIATION in Istanbul, TÜRKİYE

T: +90 212 454 02 62

F: +90 212 454 01 50


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