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In 1967, the sector was initiated with the discovery of the marble, which was later called Rosso Levanto.Established in 1984 under the leadership of Kemal Arslan and Cemil Yaşlı, the company has adopted the principle of open and innovative management, quality production logic developed day by day and unconditional customer satisfaction as its basic principles.Alacakaya Marble Inc. continues its production with its state-of-the-art machine park in its factory, which covers a total area of 17,000 square meters, of which 8,000 square meters is indoor, in Elazig Organized Industrial Zone. With an average annual capacity of 100,000 cubic meters, it is an important employment provider for the region with around 500 personnel.


Rosso Levanto, Verde Antico, Black Pearl, Bella, Aliento, Cielo, Cream Karaman, Premium Grey, Milan Grey, Black Jack, Botticino Royale, Brescia Adonis

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