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We have been producing with our deep-rooted experience in the sector as the name of ‘’Berfino Furniture Accessories’ since 2006.


Since our organization, we have been following the innovations about sectoral developments in domestic and the overseas. Our purpose is to give the bes t service to our customers. In this way, we are converting raw material products all processes in our own factory. We have been working with the concept of nature-friendly and recycling production process.We act with environmental awareness on the quality of the materials we use and disposal of waste issues . Our production to ensure effective, efficient and customer-focused activities have received ISO 9001 certificate.


And with the participation of all company employees, our company works with the concept of total quality management. Our main goal is always provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and to produce flawless products. We renovated our team and expanded our production plant in 2013.


Handle Series, Recessed Handle, Pendulum, Knob Handle, Hook Series, Aluminium Door Handles, Stainless Steel Door Handles, Cabinet Leg Feet, Fasteners Types, Aluminium Cable Cover

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