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Our company, which has been operating since 1996, changed its name in 2010 and has been continuing its activities in the field of marble under the name of D Marble since then.

D Marble, which has nearly a quarter of a century of experience in marble quarrying, maintains its claim in this field by selling blocks from 12 quarries in 6 licenses in Diyarbakır's Hani and Kocaköy districts to the Turkish and World Markets.

Our factory located in Lice District of Diyarbakır; It has an open area of 170,000 m² and a closed area of 7,000 m², and has a monthly production capacity of 30,000 m².


Bella Flower, Bella Pink, Bella Cream Vein Cut, Bella Cream Cros, Bella Pink Antique, Yadeen, Sandy

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