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Eltos Hand Tools, which works with quality product & quality service concept and started 30 years of experienced business life with 3 kinds of products, continues to serve 650 kinds of products today. Eltos is constantly striving to make its name better both at domestic and foreign market, by doing better under the conditions of our country. It markets its products by exporting directly to more than 20 countries on 3 continents, including EU countries and the Middle East.


​Eltos brand, which has been continuing its R & D investments with its researcher mentality since its establishment, has taken its prestigious position in the market with its wide product range. It continues to work rapidly to add and develop new product groups. Adopting the principle of quality product = customer satisfaction, Eltos Hand Tools is very confident of future with your esteemed business partners.


Saws, Hand Tools , Switchblades , Hammers and mallets , Bodywork, Metal Bags , Automobile Group, Hardware , Pipe switches, Plaster Tools , Welding Group , Garden Group

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