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When we started our journey in 1989 we had only a 200 m2 facility. Today we have two modern facilities of 36.900 m2 land and 12.650 m2 indoor area in Gebze and Düzce and a team of 200 people. We are proud of working export to more than 40 countries including european countries such as Switzerland, United Kingdom and Italy where the quality and safety requirements are very high. Based on our successfully completed projects in all over the world we are working towards our goal of becoming a global brand.



As Intek we believe that the most important value of a firm is its qualifed human resource. The performance and proficiency of our employees who adopt the basic principles of Intek are the most important capital of our company.


Wall – Column Systems, Climbing Systems, Single-Sided Supporting Systems, Slab Systems, Scaffolding Systems, Safety Systems

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