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As Labrador, we work in Turkey’s highest quality marble processing facilities. We create esthetic wonders with semi and fully automatic machines of Italian technology that do not allow mistakes. We are proud to deliver the best quality of marble to all corners of our country and the world with our production capacity of 10.000 m2 per  month. We transform the marbles extracted from our mine, which has an annual production capacity of 9.000 to 10.000 tons, into unique ores with our expert staff, quality principle and experience. We operates one of Turkey’s top quality mineral reserves with maximum efficiency, with its high-quality, durable and high-quality structure. We also present the magnificence of marble to our country and the world with the project solutions we have presented. We export too many countries such as the USA, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Italy and India.


Marble, Onyx, Traverten, Limstone

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