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With an area of 17.000 m2 in Bilecik Osmaneli that has an annual stone processing capacity of 350.000 m2, we process the blocks that we obtain from our own quarries and other reputable quarries in the best manner and we try to give marble the value it merits. In our implementation center that is located in Istanbul-Pendik, we perform the follow-up & running of project-preparation and project-installation services with our technical staff.

At the same time, we can annual produce 20.000 m3 of blocks with our two marble quarries that are located in Bilecik. As we export the manufactured blocks to markets in need such as China and India, we export the dimensioned items and slabs that are manufactured in our Bileck/Osmaneli factory.


Crema Petras, Crema Magna, Soft Black, Bianco Dolomite

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