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SMM MINING is your logical partner in your projects with its human focused approach and continious technological innovation in the production; which is supported by high technological machines.  Production Covered area of 2,000 square meters, located in Industrial Zone of Konya Mainland manufacturing facility and Karaman / Kâzımkarabekir'de the stock and cutting area of 50,000 square meters/years with the activities to continue.  Mining quarry; 1 Excavator, Loader 1, 3 Mountain Cutting Machine, 4 Wire Cutting Size Machine, Drilling Machine 2, 1 Electric Air Compressor, 2 Titano, 2 pcs water bag.  In our factory; 1 Polishing Machine (3 +12 +1), 1 horizontal splitting machine, 1 Epoxy Line, 1 Trimming Machine, Auto Dialer 2, 2 Automatic Sizing, 1 Edge Crusher Machine, 1 Antique Machine, 2 Manual Cutting Machine, 1 Marble Polishing Machine, Marble Cutting Machine 1, 1 Anchor Machine And in addition to the recent technological investments that we have done, in the name of better meet customer needs utilizing our 3 ST Block Cutting machine. So that the desired size blocks and strips more quickly, directly from the cooker will be released out.


Pasha Black, Pasha Grey, Pasha Ice Grey

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